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 The hope of Benevolent Beauty is to raise awareness of animal testing while providing people with amazing alternatives to products that do test. Being an animal lover, finding out what was actually involved in animal testing was heartbreaking. No, it's not just putting lipstick on bunnies! It's cruel, unnecessary and unreliable. There are far more advanced testing methods and we want to do our part to help this cause! The ultimate goal is to become so much more than just a beauty box, we want to become a huge player in this fight. To start, we'll be donating a portion of proceeds to organizations that fight against animal testing and cruelty. 

We also want to be here for anyone that may want to make the switch to a cruelty free consumer. If you have ANY questions or would like more information, please send us an email to info@benevolentbeautybox.com. We will gladly help guide you to some great resources or provide you with any information you might need!

xo Rachel 

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